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All public buildings will have fire compartmentation built into them to prevent the spread of fire and smoke and provide safety and protection for the people within the building. Over time, the infrastructure, usage and design of the building will change. New data and electrical cables, pipes and ducting will be installed; it is for this reason that a fire compartmentation survey should be carried out to assess what changes have been made in the infrastructure and to identify if there are any breaches in the fire compartmentation wall.

What is a compliance inspection & why is it important to have one?

Many buildings have new ducting with fire dampers installed by main contractors who are not IFC Certified to carry out the work. Being IFC Certified we carry out compliance inspections to assess the installation and to report on the condition and quality of the installation.

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We provide a detailed report with photographic evidence on the fire damper installation to make sure the correct damper has been used into wall or floor and that there are no fire breaches evident.

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When you engage with Meritas to carry out an assessment of your fire compartmentation and/or fire damper requirements, you get a comprehensive OneTrace report, with photographic evidence of the issue, location and remedial actions required to make sure that your building is compliant with building and fire regulations.

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Fire Damper Inspection & Compliance

Fire & smoke dampers are installed within the duct system to prevent the spread of fire from one fire compartmentation zone to another. Should a fire break out and get into the ventilation system, the damper will close of the supply of clean and/or dirty air which will increase the spread of the fire and smoke into other areas of the building


Fire Compartmentation Analysis

Fire Compartmentation is an important part of Passive Fire Protection. Providing compartmentation to current Building Regulation and British Standards requirements involves sub-dividing buildings into manageable areas of risk, thereby preventing the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases and providing valuable time to evacuate the building.



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