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Fire Compartmentation

To prevent fire from spreading through your building you need to consider what fire compartmentation methods you have in place. These methods use seals and other flame retardant materials to lessen the fire risk in a building. Also, it aims to stop or delay the spread of both flames and smoke. It is a vital factor in meeting modern British Standards on fire safety as well as common building regulations.

Why Do I Need Fire Compartmentation?

Of course, one of the main reasons as to why fire compartmentation is so important, is for your own safety, as well as for property protection.

Fire and smoke can spread rapidly through any building, and since the late 1970s efforts have been made to prevent any major loss of life.

In addition, Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 recommends that planned maintenance involving fire risk assessments are carried out regularly. As such, you need to use the services of a company that can service your building reliably and completely.

Fire Compartmentation Analysis

Services Offered by Meritas

At Meritas Fire & Security Protection we can perform fire compartmentation risk assessments and surveys to help keep your building safe. Some of the aspects involved with the fire compartmentation risk assessment and surveys we provide, include:

  • An inspection of the current condition of the existing fire compartments.
  • Installation of highly effective fire solutions.
  • Ensuring doors, walls, floors and ceilings protecting escape routes are able to resist smoke and fire long enough for people to escape.
  • Making sure suspended walls and ceilings offer fire resistance up to the floor slab level above.
  • Checking that all manufacturers and products used are appropriate for firestopping works.

We are a fully certified company approved to the highest quality standards. As such, we always ensure we expertly install the highest quality products when it comes to passive fire protection. Through effective fire compartmentation we will help you:

  • Meet current building regulations and British Standards.
  • Prevent the spread of fire and toxic smoke.
  • Subdivide the building into manageable risk areas.
  • Provide safe means of escape during emergencies.

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Bad Fire Compartmentation

The image below highlights poor fire compartmentation.

Good Fire Compartmentation

The image below highlights poor fire compartmentation.

Fully Certified

Our customers know that they’re in safe hands with Meritas Fire & Security Protection. We’re fully certified and approved to the highest quality standards.

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Fire Dampers

If the building you manage has heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, then the same ductwork that channels air to keep an environment healthy and comfortable, become routes for hazardous smoke, hot air and flames to pass through if a fire breaks out. This is where the fire damper plays an important role.

Fire Dampers

Fire Doors

Fire Doors form part of Passive Fire Protection and are designed to stop the spread of smoke and fire from on fire compartmentation zone to another.

Fire Doors


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