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Fire Compartmentation for a Glasgow Business

A fire compartmentation survey conducted by Meritas, highlighted that there was no fire break evident under the raised access flooring in the main office area.

  • Firebreaks are installed to reduce the intensity of a fire and reduce the rate and speed of spread, thus providing time for safe evacuation and successful extinguishing of fire, and minimising damage to people, properties, and possessions.

To rectify this, we implemented an approved FSI system using:

  • A 50mm fire batt.
  • Three rows of carpet and metal floor tiles were removed across the full width of the office. This allowed access to the concrete slab below.
  • After cutting the fire batt into strips, which fit snuggly between the metal floor tile and the concrete slab, two lengths of batt were secured together with pigtail fixings.
  • The edges were then coated with FSI Pyrocoustic sealant before putting them in place and refitting the metal floor tile on top.
  • The joints between the tile and the batt, and where lengths of batt were butted together, were then sealed with FSI Pyrocoustic mastic, and the system was coated with PS Coating.
  • Electrical cable and plastic pipes through the fire break were sealed using FSI PipeBloc wrap and Pyrocoustic mastic.
  • Once all the floor tiles were back in place, stickers were placed advising of the fire break below.

As with all fire-compartmentation work we undertake, the client receives a detailed report that provides photographic evidence of all work conducted, details all materials used, and specifies the fire safety rating before and after installation. All materials are industry-approved fire products, used in line with the manufacturers’ guidelines.


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