Meritas CCTV Solutions

CCTV Systems are designed to be used in both internal and external environments for the guarding and protection of staff and visitors as well as equipment and property from theft and vandalism.

At Meritas we offer expert system design, camera selection and placement to ensure that image quality and data capture is maintained, so when the moment arrives, the image is captured on the CCTV and can be used as evidence. We can also provide full maintenance of CCTV cameras in Essex, London and neighbouring counties.

 The modern digital technology allows for quick access to recorded images; there is no need to spend hours searching through video recordings to find a specific clip. The CCTV systems can review selected areas covered on the premises and search against this. The systems will simultaneously record even when using the high-quality playback facility.

 Our team of system designers can provide linked coverage of internal and external areas, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) of all vehicles entering or exiting the premises, wire free systems, covert cameras and multi-site systems.

CCTV images can be viewed remotely on your PC, iPhone or Android device via a free to download App.

CCTV Mobile Viewing

Choose the latest 4k CCTV systems…

Benefit from full colour 4k HD CCTV cameras for crisp detail and clarity in all lighting and durability in all types of weather. IP CCTV cameras are even equipped with infrared night vision, providing peace of mind night and day.

Upgrade an analogue CCTV system to AHD (Analogue High Definition) up to 5 Mega Pixels.

Offering a higher resolution than most analogue or standard digital systems currently on the market, AHD offers improved picture quality and storage capability than Standard Definition. Existing coaxial cabling can be used, avoiding the expensive outlay of new or additional cabling. A system upgrade will typically cost less than half of an IP system, but with all of the benefits of installing a new AHD system  

Our Partners

Meritas partner with a select number of high-quality commercial grade (professional) CCTV System manufacturers, this is based on the quality of service provided, the reliability of the technology and the quality of images provided by the cameras.

For installation of CCTV cameras in Essex, London and surrounding counties