Fire Risk Assessments


What is a Fire Risk Assessment and do you need one?

All business premises and every block of flats must have a Fire Risk Assessment by law.

The Fire Risk Assessment should be the cornerstone of fire safety plans for a specific building.

Unfortunately, Fire Risk Assessments are often overlooked, which can lead to buildings being exposed unnecessarily to fire risk, sometimes with the potential for loss of life.

Who can carry out a Fire Risk Assessment?

Legal guidelines state that a Fire Risk Assessment can be carried out by a ‘competent person’.  This does not necessarily mean you have to use a qualified Fire Risk Assessor.

However, to be considered competent your fire risk assessor should:

  • Record all the significant findings clearly and in detail

  • Develop a fire safety action plan if changes are needed and record the actions

  • Implement the action plan if one is needed

  • Keep the fire risk assessment updated on an ongoing basis

For all but the simplest of premises, we would recommend using a professional Fire Risk Assessor.

The professional Fire Risk Assessors at Meritas undertake extensive training and are fully versed in the latest legal requirements and guidelines, including how to apply them to different types of building.

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Fire Safety Training

Fire Risk Assessment

Employers have a legal requirement to provide training to employees regarding fire safety in the workplace. At Meritas we can provide:

  • Basic fire safety training

  • Fire marshal training

  • Extinguisher training 

Our interactive, on-line training is aimed at all employees to assist them in identifying and reducing the risk that fire presents in the workplace.

Commercial Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms

Meritas have been providing intruder alarm solutions in Essex and London for over 20 years. Whether you require internal or external detection or key area protection, we can work with you to achieve a safe and secure environment.

Meritas can design, install & maintain all forms of intruder alarms from simple audible-only systems to fully monitored systems. All our intruder alarm systems can be connected to a telephone line or via the mobile network, if tripped, the alarm will call up to four different numbers to alert them of a breach in security.

Meritas’ intruder alarm installations are neat, unobtrusive and can be either wired or wireless, without the need for disruption to your business. All our systems are simple to operate and are user friendly, we always provide user training as this reduces common operational problems for end users and ensures your premises are always protected.

We also offer a comprehensive support package when you take out a service and maintenance agreement.